Resin Converters Limited
Resin Converters Limited


We are a premier manufacturing enterprise specializing in the conversion of new and used plastic into striking packaging that cater to the needs of a diverse, dynamic and developing local and regional market. Our vision is to educate and transform the thinking of the country and the region about plastics and its many uses, through continuous education and research and development into plastics technology and innovations that will guide its use and especially its re-use in the future

We provide high quality products in


We started operations in 2001, in south Trinidad, Claxton Bay to be exact. With little to no knowledge of the field of plastics except for his passion and love for his country and environment, our founder Mr. Christian Quesnel embarked on this endeavor we now know as Resin Converters Limited. What better way to reverse the negative effects of plastics on the environment than by engaging in the responsible manufacture of plastic products.

  Bottles and covers in a wide range of sizes for application in the chemical and food industry.

Contract bottle manufacture where we handle from conceptualization of design to the final prototype.

In house labelling capabilities to save you the additional investment in labelling equipment.

Supply and manufacture of plastic bags both with print and without. For both household and industrial use.

Blow moulding

Stretch blow molding


Bags – Sheeting

At Resin Converters Ltd we are committed to our society and the environment. We are convinced that together with our stakeholders we will move towards to sustainable development of our nation and the Caribbean.

We have set sustainable goals that will positively impact our community and environment.